Today's hotel guest has new shopping needs. Is your hotel meeting them? 


Guests want to purchase from your gift and spa shops 24/7 using any device, with easy home delivery


Guests want to discover exclusive local products, curated and recommended in a trusted online shop that saves them time and money


Guests want to acquire desirable interiors and artwork discovered inside your hotel, with simple home delivery


Guests want to share their discoveries, purchases and offers with friends in real time on social media


Benefits to your hotel:

Delight your guests with a modern & dynamic shopping service

Increase room bookings, food, bar and spa income from shop funded promotions and events

Increase existing retail sales by 30-50%

Generate fresh social media content & buzz from special retail partnerships

Support your local community & in-house retailers


Our technology and services have been specifically designed for unique hotels, enabling them to offer a modern retail service that guests will cherish and share. We reduce the costs of traditional hotel retail so that guests can shop quicker while saving time and money

Our Products

E-retail products designed to bring the shopping to your guests and at their total convenience


Our Services

We take care of every step in the process. From supplier sourcing to payment and shipping